Sunrise in Llandudno providing a glimmer of hope for tourism businesses hoping to reopen on the 13th July

Are Hotels in Wales set to reopen on the 13 of July?

After a long period of uncertainty, there is a glimmer of hope that Welsh tourism restrictions may be eased on the 13th of July and hotels in Wales could be about to re-open.

Whilst this is fantastic news, there will still be a lot of restrictions in place and we’re still unsure what the new ‘normal’ will look like. Public dining will still be prohibited, which means not only will we not be able to dish up a fantastic ‘Swn Y Mor Breakfast’, but there will be no cafe’s, restaurants or pubs open to go to for a meal.

Guests with existing reservations for July and August may still be concerned about their visit. The last 4 months have been catastrophic for everyone and with the summer season quickly passing by, we’re hopeful that everyone will be able to help us recover in some way. We will shortly be contacting guests to confirm their reservations and prevent any last-minute cancellations. This will also help us to free up availability so that anyone that still wants to get away, can book their stay with us.
We would like to reassure everyone that guest safety is our top priority and we would not consider opening if we did not believe that the necessary precautions could be taken.

We have already restricted the number of rooms available so that we have less people staying at the hotel and in order to lower the risk of infection, we will reduce the amount of times we service bedrooms from daily to once every 3 days. Obviously, we will always be happy to replenish anything that’s needed and provide clean towels, but we really want guests to feel that their room is a ‘safe space’.

Our regular guests will notice a number of other changes. We can only hope that you understand that these are to help protect everyone.

We will always be grateful for all of the support and understanding that we have received throughout this period and we cannot wait to welcome guests back to the Swn Y Mor.