Llandudno in Lockdown

4 Reasons to Love Llandudno during Lockdown

Like most places around the UK, Llandudno is in lockdown. It would be easy to be negative about the current circumstances and pessimistic about how soon things are likely to improve. Recent announcements mean that restrictions in Wales are set to continue for at least another 3 weeks before non-essential shops can open. Unfortunately, the hope of a July opening for hotels in Llandudno is looking more and more like a pipe dream.

However, we are perfectly placed in the centre of one of the most beautiful seaside towns in the UK and we have plenty of things to be optimistic about! So we thought we’d take 5 minutes to remind you about a few of them.

Llandudno Monkey Man
Llandudno Monkey Man

Llandudno Monkey Man

You will not be able to hide your smile when you see a local celebrity wandering around Llandudno. What’s refreshing about ‘Llandudno Monkey Man’ is that he’s not trying to raise money or make a political point – just make you smile! During the lockdown, I’m not sure that we have ever been more appreciative of such a truly selfless gift!

Happy Valley

Whether it’s for an ice cream on your way to the Ski Lodge or a picnic on the grassy slopes, Happy Valley is a hot spot throughout the summer. As a result of the current lockdown, it seems that only the local goats get to appreciate the Laburnum arch that is now in full bloom!

Happy Valleys Laburnum Arch

Llandudno to Conwy Coastal Path

The picturesque walk from Llandudno to Conwy is usually a busy one, although the views make it worthwhile. Apart from the occasional dog walker, the path is much quieter at the moment. However, the views of Conwy Castle with a blue sky backdrop are truly jaw dropping.  

Gratitude for Key Workers

Walking around Llandudno has made us realise what a great community we live. It is inspiring to see the rainbows scattered throughout the town and join our neighbours clapping and cheering for key workers. If everyone can take one positive out of this pandemic, I hope that it is for people to be nicer to one another.

We know how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful town and we’re thankful that we are getting to enjoy some of the things that we never normally get to see. The police are doing an amazing job at stopping people visiting North Wales and we’re committed to helping you remember just how pretty the town is by posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, when all of this is over, we hope that everyone will come back and see us!!