Rainbow Hospital a Beacon of Hope

Ysbyty Enfys – Rainbow Hospital a Beacon of Hope in Llandudno

Work is being carried out at the Venue Cymru in Llandudno, transforming it into the new ‘Rainbow Hospital’ to help manage the outbreak of Covid-19 in North Wales.

New field hospitals are emerging all over the UK in a show of defiance against the virus. The new hospital has been named ‘Ysbyty Enfys’ (which translates into ‘Rainbow Hospital’) and will provide up to 350 beds for patients that are suffering with respiratory complaints as a result of the pandemic.

Venue Cymru a Beacon of Hope

Venue Cymru technicians have lit up the front of the building in the symbolic rainbow colours to send out a message of hope to the county, its residents and the wider community, with the lights set to remain lit for the duration of its stay as a hospital.

Work at the Rainbow Hospital is due to be completed by the end of April ’20, however it could be sometime before the its first patients start to arrive. This is thanks to the exceptional achievement of the NHS and its staff, coping with the current pressures and maintaining hospital levels below their capacity. However, this is likely to change when the lockdown measures start to lift and hospital admittances will increase as a result of people returning to their normal activities and requiring emergency assistance.

It is then, that the Rainbow Hospital will come alive and the town can celebrate its involvement in helping to defeat the pandemic.