Conwy Castle

Conwy Castle

The castle is exceptionally well preserved and contains the most intact set of medieval royal apartments in Wales. The high curtain wall and eight lofty towers rise almost as impressively as when they were built more than 700 years ago.

What makes it more impressive is to know that King Edward I and his architect Master James of St George, built both the castle and its walls in four years (1283 -1287). UNESCO considers this World Heritage site to be one of the finest examples of late 13th Century military architecture in Europe.

During the English Civil War, the castle was held by forces loyal to Charles I, holding out until 1646 when it surrendered to the Parliamentary armies. In the aftermath, the castle was partially slighted by Parliament to prevent it being used in any further revolt. 

By the end of the 18th century, the castle was considered picturesque and started to attract visitors and artists. Over time, different restoration projects took place to repair and reconstruct sections and additional bridges were built to help improve access.  

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