General Information

There are a number of changes that we have made to reduce the risk of transmission and help maintain social distancing. Please take the time to read this information and remain considerate to other guests that are staying in the hotel.

By working together, we will be able to maintain a safe environment for everyone.


To avoid spending additional time in communal areas, if you need assistance or have any problems during your stay, please contact us on 01492 879400 instead of visiting reception


Network: swn-y-mor hotel
Password: ABCDE12345


If you have booked a traditional breakfast in the dining room, please come at your chosen time.


In line with Government guidance, we have removed all soft furnishings, literature and menus from the rooms. If you would like a printed copy of menus/guest information, please let us know.

Room Cleaning

We want you to feel that your bedroom is a 'safe space. Therefore, rooms will only be serviced once every 3 days. Just let us know if you would prefer us not to access your room at all during your stay.

Rubbish Bins

As we will not access your room, if your bins do need to be emptied, please leave them outside of your room by 11am. One of our team will dispose of the waste and sanitise the bin ready for you.


Please ensure you vacate your room no later than 10:30am. This is vital to ensure rooms can be deep cleaned and made safe for arriving guests.

Evening Meals

Evening Meals are available from 17:30 to 18:30 and can be ordered via the 'Guest Hub'. Meals can be pre-ordered up to 15:00 on the day (or until we reach capacity).


Drinks are available to order from 14:00 to 21:00 and can be delivered to your room.
Please order online via the 'Guest Hub'.


We have chosen to leave the leaflets in reception for your convenience. If you pick up a leaflet to look at - PLEASE DO NOT PUT IT BACK.

Dining Rooms & Outdoor Seating

Only food & drink purchased from the Swn Y Mor can be consumed in the hotel dining rooms & outside seating ares.

Indoor Spaces

Please do not spend any longer than necessary in Reception or on the Stairs & Landings. Please wait outside for family members or other people within your group.

Access from Car Park

The entrance from the car park will be unlocked from 8am to 9pm. We recommend that you use the front entrance whenever possible as this will lower the number of surfaces you will need to touch and help to reduce the spread of infection.


Only guests staying at the Swn Y Mor are permitted inside. Please do not invite friends &/or family to your room or into the reception area.

Hair Dryers

For the hair dryer to work, the light above the mirror must be switched on.


If arriving back late at night, please be considerate of other guests who may be sleeping. Guests will be asked to leave if we deem their behaviour to be inappropriate.
If you are disturbed at any time of the day or night, please call us on 01492 879400.


Smoking & Vaping in the hotel is strictly prohibited and will lead to guests being asked to leave.
In the interest of social distancing, please do not stand in external doors when smoking.

It is important to us that your stay is as relaxing and pleasant as possible. If there is anything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable, please do not hesitate to ask.