Snowdon Summit - Watkin Path

Snowdon Summit – Watkin Path

Having finally set aside some time to walk to the summit of Snowdon, we decided that we felt adventurous and chose the Watkin Path.

We mainly chose this route as we wanted one that wouldn’t be too busy with other walkers, but little did we know that this is one of the most difficult paths to take. It may only be 8 miles long (there and back), but the path has the biggest vertical ascent up to the summit (1,015m/3,330ft) and also has sections of steep and loose scree that make the final hour of the walk torturous!

That said, the scenery was stunning and well worth the pain. Needless to say that there are multiple other paths we could have chosen that would have been much less strenuous (but not as much fun)!

Thankfully, the unseasonably warm day meant that the views from the summit were incredible and we are already planning our next visit.

Make sure you come are prepared with plenty of water and snacks to keep your energy levels up. You also pack some sun protection – regardless of how it may feel when you first start walking, we quickly stripped down to t-shirts and ended up with burnt faces and arms! More useful information on the different walks can be found on the Visit Snowdonia website.