Anglesey Barracks

Anglesey Barracks

They left home early on a Monday morning and would not return to their families until Saturday afternoon, taking with them their provisions for the week.

Anglesey Barracks consists of 2 strips of cottages, facing each other across a makeshift street.  Each unit has a living room with fire place and a small bedroom that needed to sleep 4 men.

With no electricity, toilets or running water, it was no surprise that following an unannounced visit from a local public health inspector in 1948, the barracks were condemned as ‘unfit for Human Inhabitation’ and closed down. After this, the quarrymen had no choice but to travel to the quarry daily by bus.

The Barracks can be reached by following a small footpath and steps not far from the National Slate Museuem. The climb is not for the faint-hearted, but worth it for the views!

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